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Friday, November 2, 2012

Reflex - Stephen Gould

Reflex is a sequel of taking place ten years after the original novel Jumper.

Davy has been doing contracting work for the NSA that takes advantage of his special unique to "jump", teleport. Millie, his longtime girlfriend, is working as a psychologist.

When Davy doesn't return to pick Millie up from one of their many hide-outs in the middle of nowhere, she's forced to strike out on her own. After a traumatic incident, she realizes she has gained the same ability Davy has. She becomes even more determined to find out what happened to Davy on her own, all while being chased by a mysterious organization.

Meanwhile, Davy is captured by an unknown enemy, where he is tortured and conditioned so that he will do the bidding of his captors.

The narration swaps between Davy and Millie on the chapter change. Their stories twine together very well. Millie proves to be just as innovative as her boyfriend in getting what she wants. And Davy proves to be both tactical and strong, as he bides his time.

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