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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Joy of Geocaching - Paul & Dana Gillin

The Joy of Geocaching is a wonderful introduction to the sport of geocaching, a modern day treasure hunt that uses GPS positioning.

Players use GPS Navigation systems, such as Garmin or Magellan, to find the general location and then hunt around for a cache that can consist of anything from a large rubbermaid bin, an ammo box, or even as small as a pencil eraser. Upon locating the cache, players sign the log. In some cases, caches contain prizes where players can trade swaps, like personal coins.

There are challenging locations that require rock climbing, hiking, or a number of other activities. Some geocaches require solving puzzles and some contain multiple legs to get to the final destination. Many caches are handicapped accessible, as well! They are located in places like malls, parks, or other public areas that are easily accessible.

People participate in geocaching for a number of reasons. In the book, interviews with players give the reader an idea of what drives many of these people. For some it is the excitement of exploring new areas. For other it's the physical and mental challenge of reaching a cache. Some people do it for recreation with family and friends. Those who are up for a challenge may participate in "powercaching", which is finding as many caches in a set amount of time. There is also "geodashing", which is a challenge to see who can locate the most random caches on a mailing list the quickest.

With the variety of geocaches available and the variety or ways to play, geocaching is sure to be a good fit for many people.

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