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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Sun Witch - Linda Winstead Jones

The Sun Witch by Linda Winstead Jones is about the youngest of three sisters, all of whom are cursed to live without love.

This fantasy romance is a bingo: child out of wedlock, man wants to marry her after finding out about child, forbidden love, kidnapping, and a wanna-be jilted lover. The male love interest is, of course, a former soldier and the leading female is a voluptuous, golden-haired lady.  The relationship between the two characters seemed artificial to me.  Like many romance novels, this novel has sex scenes; however, they are quite mild.

A plot with the emperor and his desire for an heir ties in about midway through the novel. And some political intrigue end up mixing into the main plot.

The romance genre isn't something I particularly care for, so it's not a surprise that I felt luke warm toward the novel. I like to think it's worthwhile to visit genres I don't normally like because there are a few gems.

Books in the series:
Moon Witch
Star Witch

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