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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deadpool Classic Volume 7 - Jimmy Palmiotti, Buddy Scalera

Deadpool Classic Volume 7 by Jimmy Palmiotti, Buddy Scalera collects issues 46-56 in one book.

I only recently started getting into Deadpool and I had only read the ones from the more recent series, where Deadpool is more random and makes a lot more jokes, so this was different for me. Deadpool still has humor in the "Classic" series. I just felt like his character was much more focused, while still a bit crazy and unpredictable.

In the 3-part "Cruel Summer" (issues 46-48) The Merc with a Mouth takes on a job to kill a number of people in the mob. While on the job, he hooks up with his informant for a bit of fun on the side.

Deadpool somehow manages to charm his way into the hearts of five lucky ladies in "Cat Magnet" (issues 49). This can't end well.

After failing to fulfill a job, Deadpool finds himself in the awkward position of fulfilling "The Promise" (issue 50-51) to take care of a guy's teenage son. The kid takes this opportunity to become Deadpool's sidekick.

Glimpses of the antics of two gorgeous psychopaths were revealed in past issues. Now in "Talk of the Town" (issues 52-53), Deadpool is hired under the table by a member of the justice department to catch these two dangerous killers that have been terrorizing the city.

With such a high price on the vigilante's head, Deadpool just can't resist the chance to kill The Punisher. "End of the Road" (issues 54-55) is bound to see one of these two dead.

"Going Out with a Bang" (issues 56) is the conclusion to the ongoing love affair between Wade and shapeshifting Vanessa. Deadpool has been pleasantly cohabiting with Vanessa. That is until Theresa calls him up for a meeting.

While all of the artists who worked on these comics did a stupendous job, I particularly enjoyed the art of Paul Chadwick (Cruel Summer) and Karl Kerschl (Going Out with a Bang).  Other illustrators who worked on this include: Michael Lopez, Darick Robertson, Anthony Williams, Georges Jeanty,and Liam Sharp.

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