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Monday, December 24, 2012

Deadpool: I Rule, You Suck - Daniel Way

Deadpool: I Rule, You Suck by Daniel Way contain classic Deadpool humor with brilliant art.

After unexpectedly helping the Secret Avengers hunt down a terrorist, Deadpool is offered the chance of a lifetime. When asked to join the team, Deadpool agrees saying "I'm Your Man". To Captain America's frustration, Deadpool doesn't accept orders and proceeds to ruin all of their plans. But something strange is afoot. After discovering another Captain America, Deadpool is forced to use his wits to figure out which one is real.

And in "I Rule, You Suck", Deadpool is hired by a bunch of draculas to kill a bunch of bad draculas. Also, not-Edward-Cullens dies.

I enjoyed Deadpool's antics while he tries to figure out how to work in a team, as well as his odd solutions to getting rid of vampires.

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