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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas - Daniel Way

Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas by Daniel Way is an amusing collection of Deadpool comics.

Deadpool visits Las Vegas for a little R&R in "Tricky". In typical Deadpool style he finds himself at odds with The House and their mech pilot security guard "The House". Impressed with the powerful mech his friend Weasel is piloting, Deadpool decides it would be worthwhile to join up and get a mech of his own. As "Wild Card" Deadpool causes mayhem all across Vegas.

Bored with Vegas life, Deadpool leaves and runs into "Ghost Rider". After being blinded, Deadpool uses his special Pool-O-Vision to track down a group of robbers in "Wade Until Dark".

I didn't particularly care for any of the stories in this collection; however, I did find Carlo Barberis's illustrations crisp and detailed.

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