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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Deadpool: Space Oddity - Daniel Way

Deadpool: Space Oddity by Daniel Way includes some stellar storytelling with stupendous illustrations by Bong Dazo, Sheldon Vella, and Carlo Barberi.

Our favorite Merc has been hired to evict a stubborn ex-tenant from a building. Taken in by the deceivingly easy job, Deadpool takes the opportunity. Unfortunately, this tenant happens to be the overpowered "The Wrecker". After the first tumble, Deadpool demands more for this job. And since "The Price is Right", he'll go in one more time.

Deadpool's been a naughty boy. Macho Gomez, however that is, want to repo the stuff Deadpool rightfully stole. Apparently, Gomez has some kind of intergalactic reputation, but is he badass enough to take on the Earth's infamous Deadpool?

Determined to show the universe that he's the best, instead of that Gomez guy, Deadpool steals a spaceship to go out and prove it. "Space oddity" puts Deadpool in the middle of intergalactic fun. He joins a repo company, gets hired to kill a planet, manages to save a civilization, and even gets space married!

Books in the series:
Secret Invasion
Dark Reign
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