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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thor: Wolves of the North

Thor: Wolves of the North contains 3 action packed comics of Thor written by Michael Carey, Alan Davis, and Peter Milligan.

In "Wolves of the North", Hela's armies descend upon a Norse village and kill the chieftain. His daughter, who is left in charge, refuses to give in to Hela's demands for subjugation and decides to fight. Thor comes to her aid and after making a pact, he joins the battle to bring victory over Hela.

A archaeologist stumbles upon strange hieroglyphs and decides to reveal "The Truth of History" where Thor and the Warriors Three bumble through ancient Egypt. After saving the locals from their oppressors, a feast is thrown in their honor. Unfortunately, the local gods don't seem to keen on the new freedom Thor and company have given the people.

In "The Hand of Grog" Thor has been banished to Midgard for killing another god in a previous issue. Now tied to Blake, a human in the 20th century, Thor must defend himself and the people around him from supernatural enemies who attack him when he's the most vulnerable.

All of the pieces have excellent illustrations and colors. By far my favorite story in this collection was "Wolves of the North" by Michael Carey. The others were imaginative, but I liked the raw feeling of the first story the most.

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