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Monday, February 18, 2013

Batwoman: Elegy - Greg Rucka

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka collects Detective Comics #854-860 in one volume.

Katherine Kane has a promising career in the army. Even though she is only a cadet, she has already been assigned as brigade executive officer. Amidst scandal over her sexual orientation, Kate is forced out of the army and back into the civilian world. Although her father, a former Colonel, is supportive of her honesty and her return home, Kate still feels lost. After spending many aimless days at bars, Kate finds herself with an unlikely girlfriend: a cop. After getting into an argument with her girlfriend, Kate begins to rethink her life. A terrifying encounter with a mugger comes to an unusual conclusion after Batman intercedes. It's at that point that Kate decides what she is going to do.

After finding out Kate's been stealing weapons and has become a vigilante, Kate's father confronts her. She unexpectedly gets the support she needs. He sends her off for training, while he sets about creating a base of operations. When she returns she finds that her father has even put together an outfit to fit her needs. Using the already established hero myths of Gotham, her father adorns her black suit with the familiar bat symbol to show that she is one of the good guys.

The covens, a group of criminals, have been after Batwoman and she wants to know why. After interrogating several members she is no closer to the answer. It comes unexpectedly when the new leader, Alice, appears. While speaking in riddles, Alice begins her attack on Batwoman. If Kate can manage to hold her own against "Alice", perhaps a piece of her past will be revealed.

The illustration and coloring is excellent in this graphic novel. The layouts are what I really loved in this one, though. While they are dynamic and often creative, the order is still easy to identify while reading.

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