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Friday, February 8, 2013

Deadpool: Operation Annihilation - Daniel Way

Deadpool: Operation Annihilation by Daniel Way.

Poor Wade just can't seem to catch a break. After a very bizarre trip to outer space, Deadpool returns to Earth hoping for a happy reunion with all of his friends. Unfortunately, his "Homecoming" isn't what he expected, seeing as they all hate him and made a plan to kill him. Join Macho Gomez, Big Bertha, Weasel, Bob and more as they open a can of whoop ass on Deadpool.

Deadpool's met death a number of times, but his healing factor makes it impossible for him to escape the cruel reality of life. Cue "Operation Annihilation"! Armed with the brilliant plan to enrage Hulk, maybe Deadpool will finally get his wish. Mayhem ensues.

Flashback to issue #4 by Joe Kelly with "Why is it to save me I must kill you?". Deadpool's healing factor has been slowing recently, but that's not the only problem. If you doesn't find a cure soon, he'll die. Unfortunately, the only known remedy requires a vile of Hulk's blood, and he's definitely not going to do it willing.

This collection has action-packed issues with classic Deadpool humor, but with the added morose scenes of his encounters with death. Sheldon Vella and Bong Dazo do a stupendous job with artwork on this and the coloring team does a great job, as well. While not as dynamic in style, Ed McGuinness's art on the issue #4 is still fantastic.

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