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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Deadpool: Suicide Kings - Mike Benson and Adam Glass

Suicide Kings by Mike Benson and Adam Glass is a strange story that pits D

Deadpool is hired for a million dollar project. The job seems good enough until Deadpool finds himself on the news, framed for blowing up a building. With Daredevil convinced of his innocence, Deadpool attempts to clear his name. But not only is Frank Castle, the notorious vigilante The Punisher, out to get him, but even Spiderman is on his tail. The crazy Merc has a lot of explaining to do if he wants to get out of this jam.

Deadpool is hired to go find some rich guy's son. His son was last seen in "Game$ of Death" that popularly known as Pain Factor. The show is so popular, in fact, it's been banned in most countries.

Neither of these stories appealed to me much. Still, Carlo Barbieri's art was fabulous as usual with great assistance from the coloring team. Sean Crystal's work was great, as well.

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