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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Suicide Squad - Adam Glass

What if a group of super villians were offered the option forced to work off their time behind bars by joining a secret task force? Adam Glass offers a fresh perspective of this 'what if' scenario in Suicide Squad: Kicked in the Teeth, which contains issues #1-7 of the series.

After auditioning several candidates, the coordinator of Task Force X decides on a final team: Dead Lock, Harley Quinn, King Shark, El Diablo, and Voltaic. The team is later joined by Basilisk and Yoyo. As a fail safe to ensure their cooperation, each member has an explosive implant that is set for a specified time for each mission and can also be detonated remotely.

Their first mission? Contain a zombie outbreak and secure the antidote. Although they are able to secure the antidote, they find themselves abandoned when the local police force interferes. Stranded, the team has to find a way to get back to a rendezvous point, where they can either be rescued or at least have their timers reset. As such notorious villains, they have to find a good place to hide, though.

The week only goes from bad to worse. The team has to shut down a prison riot with only twenty minutes before their microbombs go off!

And the ever resourceful Harley Quinn manages to slip the leash to go in search of her beloved Joker, who's been rumored to have been skinned alive!

Unsurprisingly, the violence in this graphic novel is pretty extreme. Torture scenes, hand-to-hand combat, and explosives abound. Overall, I enjoyed the collection of the first 7 issues; however, I found some of Harley Quinn's behavior foreign to her character. I assume some of these things comes into play in later issues, but I won't know until I can get a hold of the next collection.

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