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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Fur Person - May Sarton

The Fur Person follows the exploits of an "About Town Cat" as he tries to find the perfect family to settle in with.

It begins early in the kitten's life when he is adopted by a little boy, whom he finds amusing but doesn't care much for. He soon sets out to be an "About Town Cat" and live independently. After chasing female cats, living in the streets, and feeding from scraps, he decides that maybe it's time to find some Housekeepers. He tries a grocer first, but he doesn't seem to pay him much mind. He leaves the grocer with a lady. When he finds her too affectionate and rude, he escapes. With a little luck he finally manages to find the perfect home of two older women. They seem to understand his need to be free with affection only given with his permission. But that is where his journey is just beginning.

The cat in this novella is based on Sarton's experience with her own cat. The narrative is easy to read, and the cat's poems interspersed throughout the novella are delightful. Cat lovers will find themselves drawn in to the believable experiences of the cat as he searches for a home.

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