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Monday, May 20, 2013

You'll Know at the Finish Line - Joe Desena, Andy Weinberg

You haven't heard of them. There are many athletes out there who train and go do multiple races. For fun. There's no glory involved (that's why you haven't heard of them).

Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg are two such people. They both had gone on those 100 mile races and completed them. After a race one day they got to talking about how boring the races had gotten. It wasn't that they weren't challenging. But it was always the same things: running, swimming, biking. They just always knew what was coming. With the help of five more people, they came up with The Death Race. A 48 hour race meant to break people down both physically and mentally. And from that race was born The Spartan Race. This race comes in 3 varieties: Sprint (3 miles), Super (8 miles), and Beast (10-12 miles). This isn't just a regular run, though. If you participate in any of these you are bound to encounter fire, rope climbs, gladiators, mud, and even barbed wire.

Altogether the seven who came up with this amazing challenge are called The Founding Few. Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg, two of the founders, took the time to put together an ebook to convince you that obstacle racing is the sport for you. You'll Know at the Finish Line is a delve into the minds of the founders and the many people who take on the Spartan Race. Inspirational stories told from the point of view of the founders and the racers mingle between explanations and training exercises that will help prepare you, the reader, to take it on.

Don't think you can do it? You can sign up for Workout of the Day (WOD) for training guidance and Food of the Day (FOD) for recipes and nutritional guidance. The book itself also contains a training program that will get you ready for the Sprint in 8 weeks, 12 weeks for the Super, and 15 weeks for the Beast. Still not ready? See if you can get a buddy to keep you motivated as a nutrition or workout partner.

People as young as age 14 and as old as 72 have pushed themselves to finish the Spartan Races. People with injuries, chronic illness, and even broken bones have gotten through this grueling obstacle course by themselves (and some with a bit of help from their fellow Spartans).

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