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Friday, July 5, 2013

Assassin's Apprentice - Robin Hobb

After being abandoned on the doorstep by a man claiming that the boy is the bastard child of a noble, this no name child becomes the Assassin's Apprentice.

There have been plenty enough claims of bastard children and after taking a good look at him, there is no mistaking he is Prince Chivalry's son. He is ordered to stay with the stable master, Burrich, who teaches him how to care for animals. It turns out Fitz doesn't need much help with that, though, as he has a natural talent of tuning to animals.

After Fitz gets into trouble running around with the other children on the streets, it's decided that maybe it's time he was brought to the castle to learn how to become a real noble. Now that he's old enough, King Shrewd puts him to learning war and assassination techniques.

Fitz is soon sent off to his first task and succeeds. His life may be going well for now, but betrayal lies in wait. And Fitz will have to use all his wits and skills in order to solve the mystery and survive.

Having already read one of Robin Hobb's series previously, I was expecting the, what many describe as, an overall depressing story. Hobb has a habit of making her characters suffer. Any good events in the character's life seem to be overshadowed by their overall circumstances. I enjoyed the main character, Burrich, and Chade, but most of the other characters are pretty bland. Fitz's experiences and reactions to those experiences are realistic in most cases, which I really enjoyed. The details of daily life could sometimes be tedious, though.

I enjoyed the first book enough to continue on to the next novel in the series. I'm curious to see where Fitz's circumstances at the end of the book lead him.

Books in the Series:
Royal Assassin
Assassin's Quest

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