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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Childless Revolution - Madelyn Cain

The Childless Revolution: What It Means to Be Childless Today by Madelyn Cain contains perspectives from the childfree, the childless, and those who don't quite into either of these categories.

Childfree people are those who do not have children by choice. The majority of these women are happy in their choice. Some are content stay-at-home spouses, while others are career-oriented individuals. For some it is because they realize a child would make it impossible to pursue their career goals, while others realize they couldn't give the care they would want to give a child because of their careers. Some love the children in their lives, such as nieces and nephews, while others don't like kids at all. Each woman interviewed does a wonderful job of expressing her point of view and the author accents it well with her own explanations.

Childless people are those who do not have children due to medical issues. Cain does an excellent job of staying sensitive to the topic, while explaining the situations of these women. Some of these women were unable to conceive due to not finding the right partner. Others found the right partner, but they or their partner had a malady that made it impossible for them to conceive. Some just didn't find a partner until much later. And, tragically, some have exhausted their options including the intervention of medicine.

More and more people seem to be foregoing parenthood and this book provides insightful revelations on the various reasons why.

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