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Monday, September 9, 2013

Interview with a Vampire - Anne Rice

Although he believes it's a prank, the interviewer decides to meet with a vampire on the off-chance this is an interview of a lifetime.

Louis was a successful plantation owner, until the vampire Lestat bit him and interrupted his life. His sire, Lestat, informs Louis that there are things Louis needs to learn about becoming a vampire and he holds Louis hostage with this knowledge. Everything is going fine for Lestat until he decides to transform a little girl, who soon decides to rebel against his tyranny.

Claudia convinces Louis that they need to seek out the origin of the vampire in order to learn the things that Lestat refused to teach them. After much research she determines the best course of action would be to return to Europe to seek out past Sires there. As they travel Europe, they find many bloodsuckers, but they seem to be nothing but animated corpses.

When they are just about to give up, they come across a community of vampires, led by a man named Armand. Claudia's child form makes the group suspicious, as does their separation from their sire. Armand wants Louis for himself, but he needs to separate him from Claudia.

The tradition of the vampire can be found all around the world, whether that's a blood sucker, a life sucker, or a body snatcher. Rice brings life to creatures that are normally simply seen as terrors of the night. Louis's experiences are sympathetic, but his character is one of hopelessness. He allows himself to be pushed to act by Lestat, Claudia, and then finally by Armand.

I enjoyed the story and the style of writing, but I'm not left with a desire to pursue the rest of the series.

Books in the series:
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of the Damned
The Tale of a Body Thief

Recommended Reads:
Dracula - Bram Stroker
Dead Brides: Vampire Tales - Edgar Allen Poe

Recommended Viewing:
Interview with a Vampire

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