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Friday, December 6, 2013

15 Minutes Outside - Rebecca P. Cohen

Are you tired of your kids sitting in front of the television, computer, or other electronic devices? Do your kids complain they're bored? Maybe what they need is some time outdoors (and maybe you need some too).

But what do you do once you manage to get them outside? Cohen provides 365 ideas on how to get your kids out and moving. There are simple ideas like going for a walk. By walking to school or the store, a walk can become an adventure. A route normally taken by vehicle takes on a whole new aspect when taken in slowly.

If you're not quite ready to wander around with the kids, you can always have them explore the yard. What interesting objects can they find around the yard? Pine cones, flowers, ants, and even blades of grass look totally different when examined under a magnifying glass.

A bit too hot for exploration? Consider using water balloons, squirt bottles for water guns, or maybe use sprinklers. Is it too cold? Consider a short outdoor picnic in the yard with hot muffins and hot cocoa.

Many more exciting ideas for activities are available in this book. Cohen shares her own experience with time outside with her children. The activities start in January and move on through the year providing seasonally appropriate activities. Each entry is numbered with a title and contains a description of the activity. Throughout the book, she also includes text boxes that contain ideas on how to use the weather to your advantage, how to gather toys and other objects for use outside, how to make seasonal pack-and-go bags, and more.

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