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Friday, January 31, 2014

Hyperbole and a Half - Allie Brosh

I first became acquainted with Hyperbole and a Half when a friend linked to one of her many blog entries. I don't remember which one it was exactly, but I do remember I laughed until I cried. For the rest of the day I would burst into laughter when I'd think of the elementary drawings accompanied by her absurd and sometimes crass narrative.

I find the majority of Allie's stories relatable whether they remind me of myself or somebody else I've met. Her way of coping with people who spell Alot made me giggle and had me looking for my own ways to cope with spelling and grammatical errors when I encounter them. I've always found her entry of the Sneaky Hate Spiral amusing and apt.

One of Allie's most popular entries, which is included in the book, is on the serious topic of Depression. Her description of what it is to experience depression is accurate, while still managing to give it a humorous narrative.

This type of humor certainly isn't for everybody, so I'd suggest checking out her blog before purchasing this book. If you find that she makes you laugh out loud, I'd say purchase her book or maybe a few of her accessories to add some humor to your life.

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