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Monday, January 6, 2014

Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Volume 3

Like many kids growing up in the 90s, I first became acquainted with the spunky Sonic the Hedgehog by first playing Sega Genesis. One day while my parents were browsing the magazines in the small bookshop of our town, I managed to find issue #33 of Sonic the Hedgehog among the funny comics and the superhero comics. This particular issue was something like The Magic School Bus where Sonic gets shrunk down in order to fight the sickness that has left his friends invalid. I also recall a terrible pun about "Auntie"bodies (get it? Like antibodies!). It was a bit silly, but I enjoyed it.

The very next issue I picked up took a serious turn with Sonic encountering his roboticized Uncle Chuck, which was actually a familiar plot plucked straight from the television series. For quite a while the writers and editors kept the series going with more serious plot lines. Because of that, I figured the previous issue had been a reprieve issue like the cartoon television series Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) sometimes had.

Going back as an adult to read the previous issues in these "archives" I've discovered that the more humorous issues were the standard up until about issue #29. Archives Volume 3 contains issues #9-#12 of the series. Every single story is filled with terrible puns and what could probably be best described as Looney Tune-like humor.

In issue #9, Robotnik creates a robotic Pseudo-Sonic to infiltrate Knothole Village (Sonic's home), which Tails promptly destroys using his speed to create static electricity to short him out. When Sonic gifts Sally with an unusual and troublesome Needlebird for her birthday, she wonders What's the Point? But this strange creature manages to show his worth by the end of the story.

Both stories in issue #10 are perfect examples of the bad puns this comic made a regular feature. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters stumble upon some odd creatures who are in the middle of a battle of Robotnik. By the end of the story they somehow end up fulfilling the Revenge of the Nerbs. Then in Twan with the Wind, Antoine proves his prowess with hot air balloons and his boasts.

Issue #11 contains three stories, each cornier than the last. In The Good, the Bad, and the Hedgehog, Sonic finds himself in an alternate universe where Robotnik is apparently a good doctor and Sonic is the bad guy. In the next story, Sonic will have to Beat the Clock if he expects to save his friends from the antics of Robotnik's least favorite robot: Coconuts. And finally when Sonic has a late night snack, he's going to have some Food for Thought and consider what happens if You Are What You Eat.

Sonic finds himself making A Timely Arrival in the past when Robotnik zaps him to prehistoric times in order to ensure the survival of his ancestors. Cyril isn't sure how much worth he is to his clan, but he makes his presence known when he defeats Robotnik as The Bold-Headed Eagle. The Lynx is a Jynx proves to be helpful to his friends when Robotnik makes an unexpected attack on their home.

These tales will tickle those with a corny sense of humor. Fans of the comic series will either find them fun for nostalgia factor or interesting as a look back at what once was. Otherwise this is probably a volume best worst skipping.

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