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Friday, March 21, 2014

1984 - George Orwell

Life is better in 1984 than any time before. Employment is high, food is plentiful, shelter is available, so say the videos. Big Brother watches everybody to make sure they stay in line, including an ordinary citizen named Winston.

Winston follows the routine as he is supposed to do. He goes to work, where he adjusts old news articles to echo the current history; after all, they've always been at war with Eastasia. He attends social activities, where he plays cards and talks shallowly with others. And he takes the same route home each day to remain above suspicion.
Winston is getting restless, and he is beginning to question the party. This week they are short of cigarette rations and not too long ago they were short of shoelaces, despite the positive outlook given on the videos. He starts asking questions of old men who lived before the new regime and he buys contraband from black market shops. His skirting of the law comes to a head, though, when he begins meeting with Julia for secret trysts. And, finally, he joins a rebellion.

When he's caught, he is tortured in all ways until he breaks. And in the end, he is even thankful for their discipline.

When I originally read 1984 back in High School it terrified me. As technology has become more advanced it only becomes more horrifying to me as an adult because it becomes a more likely possibility of the future.

Recommended Reads:
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