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Friday, March 7, 2014

Eve and Adam - Katherine Applegate, Michael Grant

Evening's life as a normal teenager is brought to a grinding halt after she is in an accident that takes off her leg. When her mother arrives at the hospital, she insists that Eve be released and taken to her own facility where she can get the best medical treatment money can buy.

Even with Solo keeping her occupied she misses her friends. In order to keep her out of trouble, her mother gives her access to an experimental computer program where she can create the perfect boy.

Although the narrative and dialogue were natural, they were both annoying at times for that exact reason. An aspect I didn't like was the swapping point of view between Eve and Solo, as I didn't feel it added anything to the plot or insight to their relationship. I enjoyed the intrigue and mystery of the story, even if the reveal seemed obvious to me early on. This young adult novel explores the possibilities of medical science that are both promising and horrifying.

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