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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Minority Report and Other Stories - Philip K. Dick

This collection of short stories contains dystopia, mystery, and adventure all in a sci-fi setting.

While in the process of attempting to keep the unit in business, precrime Police Commissioner John A. Anderton suddenly finds himself the suspect of a predicted murder. The majority report given by the "precogs" indicate he will murder a man he hasn't even met. Now branded as an outlaw, he's on the run and determined to prove his innocence by finding The Minority Report. Being caught promises a lifetime of prison, while proving his innocence may cost him his livelihood.

In We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, REKAL promises Douglas Quail they will implant an incredibly detailed memory of his trip to Mars for a hefty fee. Fed up with his boring life, he decides to go through with it. When something goes wrong with the procedure, however, he finds himself in real danger. Perhaps more disturbing is what he finally does remember.

Jennings joins "Rethrick Construction" for a two year contract with the stipulation that his memory will be erased at the end of the term. When he goes to collect his Paycheck he finds another strange clause: Instead of accepting money, he can choose a small envelope of seemingly random objects he personally chose. Armed with the objects in the envelope, Jennings is determined to discover the secret he left behind.

The earth is in ruins after so many nuclear attacks between the west and Russia. After sending "the claws" against the Soviet Union, there is suddenly a call from the enemy for a temporary truce. The claws are not only replicating, but they are also creating new versions. Although they've been able to identify 1V, 3V, and 4V, it's still a mystery what the Second Variety looks like. And it may be the downfall of all of humanity.

In The Eyes Have It, a man suddenly realizes he's surrounded by aliens while in the midst of reading a paperback book. They can remove their limbs and use them while separate. The Eyes Have It

I enjoyed all five of these short stories for their charm and suspense. In each story I was immersed in a foreign world not too far removed from my own, which made them all the more disturbing.

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