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Monday, July 7, 2014

Revelations of Divine Love - Mother Juliana of Norwich

Julian of Norwich, a faithful nun, prayed for a illness to befall her in order to share in the torment of her Savior, Jesus Christ, so she could truly know him. Not only was she granted the sickness she prayed for, but she was granted incredible Revelations of Divine Love during that time, which she recorded as a total of 16 (XVI) entries.

Due to her illness, it's fitting that the first revelation has to do with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ with the torture he endured to bring salvation to God's people. His sacrifice as man is proof of the complete love.

The next four revelations follow the theme of sin. Man being separated from God because of his sin, but of all man being a part of God despite sin, and also how that sin is relieved by the sacrifice of Christ. Five and six extend the understanding of Christ's sacrifice for man. And seven explains the necessity of both joy and hurt for man to reach the fullness of God's love.

Chapters nine through eleven are my favorite as they express how God is in Jesus is in man. She further explains how Christ's love is extended through mankind by their acts.

The eleventh revelation is a short bit about Christ and his mother, Mary, who is incredibly important in her faith due to being the mother of God.

Love is the theme and she returns to God's love of man for the remaining chapters.

The themes of each revelations seamlessly flow into each other, giving a complete view of the Christian God as Julian understood it when it comes to his compassion and love. This particular version can be difficult to read due to the old English translation, where phrasing and word choice are unfamiliar to the modern day reader. Having a strong familiarity with these themes I found it easy to follow, but others may opt for a more modern translation.

For those looking into Christian mysticism or who want to learn about the Divine Love of God, I'd highly recommend this book.

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