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Friday, August 8, 2014

House of Darkness: House of Light - Andrea Perron

When Carolyn, the matron of the household, sees an advertisement in the paper for a large house out on a farm, she can't resist taking a look. After viewing the house with a realtor, she puts down the good faith deposit without consulting her out-of-town husband. When he returns they fight at first; however, when she reminds him of how their neighborhood has been getting worse, he decides maybe she's right. With a combined effort from the entire family to save pennies and earn change, they manage to get enough money to move in.

In the beginning, the home seems perfect. Each of the five children can have her own room, they can play in the barn, and spend hot summer days in the river on the property. But soon strange events happen. Items disappear, unfamiliar sounds haunt them, and encounters with unfamiliar people ensue.

This is only the first book in a three volume set by Andrea Perron of the unusual, disturbing, and sometimes harrowing true events that occurred during the many years her family lived in a haunted house. Being the eldest of the five sisters, Andrea was privy to many events that the other girls never revealed to their mother. And since she originally came to her mother about her own experiences, she and her mother shared their experiences with each other. Knowing so many of these secret encounters gives Andrea an understanding of the full scope of the strange events surrounding their stay.

Because it is written in a novel narrative, I found this book easy to read. Some of the experiences of family and friends in the house are classic haunting symptoms, while others are unique. I'm looking forward to reading the following volumes.

Weird Encounters: True Tales of Haunted Places

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