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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sonic Saga 1: Darkest Storm

The Darkest Storm rolls in when it's announced the Ancient Walkers are fading from existence, the Destructix come to steal the Chaos Emerald, Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Nagus are released from captivity, and Eggman returns with his destructive machines.

Fiona Leaks information on Rouge the Bat before her arrival, and she is joined by some other unexpected arrivals, familiar enemies: Scourge and Sleuth.

Knuckles refuses the Call of Duty to return back to his home Angel Island. A mysterious Chaotix Connection emerges when the newest amusement, a casino opens in Stations Square.

The Ties that Bind Snively to his uncle, Eggman, are stronger than even he expects. And finally Sonic is cursed to repeat the same day over and over in Hedgehog Day.

The Darkest Storm contains intertwined plotlines and characters, which could have been enjoyable; unfortunately, I felt James Fry's cringeworthy illustrations, best described as sketchy and unfinished, detracted greatly from the story.

While the Leak illustrations by Tracy Yardley were much better, the story was only a way to create relationship drama. First between Rouge and Julie-Su over Knuckles and second between Sonic, Scourge, and Tails over Fiona. Both of which are forced and uninteresting.

Call of Duty gives insight into what is going on on Angel Island during Knuckles' and the Chaotix absence and also reveals the tension between Knuckles' and his father.

The Chaotix Connection was an interesting homage to the early issues involving the Chaotix with the inclusion of Renfield T. Rodent and references to poisoned food. While short, I did find it entertaining merely for the references.

Ties that Bind was short with the sole purpose of moving Snively back into ranks with his uncle Eggman. And Hedgehog Day is a story with a bit of humor for the reader.

An okay read, but not something I'd pick up again.

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