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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson

Defeating the Lord Ruler was only the beginning of setting the Final Empire free of tyranny. Elend Venture has taken the throne and chooses to set a council of representatives for Luthadel. Unfortunately, his ideas on how to run the kingdom are much different from the councilmen. When the city comes under attack by not just one but two armies the differences become even more pronounced. While Vin and the others advise that dispensing of the council would be the best course of action, Elend insists that keeping the council will build confidence in the new rule.

While Elend plays politics, Vin finds herself matched against an unknown alomancer who can match her own skillset. If that weren't bad enough, a Kandra taken on the form of a member of their team, but Vin must discover who.

In the meantime, the Keeper Sazed, who had set out to learn more and spread knowledge in the kingdom discovers disturbing news. The Mists are killing people. And a mysterious location reveals clues as to the Lord Ruler's power.

Because the novel focused mainly on politics in the beginning I found it a slow start, but intrigue and danger soon took over. I enjoyed watching the evolving relationships between Vin and characters like Elend and OreSeur. The politics could be boring at times, but in the end the loose ends all come together making it worth paying attention. The action scenes are well-written, sometimes leaving me breathless as I listened to Vin and others fight against skilled enemies or large numbers of them.

I immediately started the next book in the series after finishing this one. I look forward to my commute every day because I get to listen to novels like this!

Books in the Series:
The Hero of Ages

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