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Friday, November 6, 2015

Cheyenne Medicine Wagon 2 - Gary McCarthy

Once again on the run, Henry Wallis hitches a ride with the over-confident Samantha in her medicine wagon on the way to Cheyenne. The straight shooting doctor just wants to earn an honest living, while the gritty Samantha is perfectly fine selling her snake oil cure and picking pockets, which lands them in trouble multiple times.

Encountering injured people, the doctor does his best to patch up and comfort them with his modern doctoring knowledge, while Samantha uses her experience and kindness to get them through their lumps.

While Samantha is hard-headed and kind, Henry is high-handed and acts as a good Samaritan. Their personalities complement each other as they journey through the wild west and into small towns. There's nothing that stands out about this story, but it helped pass the time during my commute.

Books in the Series:
The Medicine Wagon
Trouble in the Teton Valley

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