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Friday, January 29, 2016

Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent

Women are taught a variety of ways to relate to their body. Some are taught to revile it, others are taught to indulge it, and some are taught it is just a vessel for their consciousness. The way a woman feels toward her body can also be influenced by her own personal experiences in life, such as menstruation, pregnancy, sexual encounters, miscarriage, and birth.

Kent, a holistic women's healthcare provider, gives women the tools they need to reconnect and stay connected with their body to improve their lives with both physical exercises and mental meditations. By providing personal examples of herself, friends, and clients, she invites women to relate using events in their own lives. Kent challenges readers to rethink how they feel about their bodies and encourages them to try to break the old way of thinking.

Since I've been tracking my cycle with the help of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) since I was 17, I'm familiar with how my reproductive organs and hormones effect my every day life in a natural way on a personal level. This isn't just a personal experience, but biological fact that it does so. A person's attitude toward her body definitely influences how she feels, as well, according to many psychological texts.

This book takes it a step farther and states that there is an additional spiritual element to it. The book, unfortunately, repeats many of the common pseudoscience falsities, like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) being caused by bad attitudes toward the feminine or breast cancer being caused by denying ones truth. While the encouragement, personal experiences, and exercises found within the pages are useful for personal growth, I'm not sure that it outweighs the damage of perpetuating known myths. I'd caution readers to read this in conjunction with more biologically based books to balance it out.

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