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Friday, April 8, 2016

Orange Crows II - James Perry II, Ryo Kawakami

Cierra's disappearance means the Orange Crows are down one member, putting them at a disadvantage in their quest to protect the airship. The witch's brew they are protecting is just as important as they witches and warlocks they are having to entertain diplomatically on the ship.

Meanwhile Cierra finds herself wandering in the wilderness once again, only to be disturbed by both familiar and new faces, set to lead her astray from returning to Natalie and the rest of the group.

When disaster strikes and the fairies unexpectedly attack the airship, Natalie thinks she has the situation under control with her exceptional powers; however, she may find herself outmatched by a new enemy.

This series is just getting started and I foresee following it for a while. Between chapters are single page panels entitled "Queen Bianka's Crash Course" revealing only a peak into the in-depth world of magic and technology that Perry has created. This world The characters are each as unique as their costumes. I eagerly await the next installment of this series.

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Orange Crows

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