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Friday, September 2, 2016

The Secret World of Hildegard - Jonah Wintr

Hildegard was born with a special gift to see things that were not there. In fact, when she was a child she dreamed of the color of a calf before it was born. Winter's children's book tells Hildegard's story of being sent to a cloister, learning about God, and how she became head of the convent. Here she was able to share her gifts freely by recording her visions in both words and paintings. She also wrote songs and even a play for them to perform. But it didn't end there, she shared her gift with the Pope and many other leaders of Europe.

With beautiful and colorful illustrations by Jeannette Winter, this book tells the story of one of the most beloved Saint and Doctor of the Catholic Church. Children will appreciate the simple storytelling and parents will enjoy the age-appropriate explanation of her life and work.

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