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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Charm Bracelet - Viola Shipman

Before giving her a charm each year on her birthday, Lolly's mother would recite a poem. With each charm came a story or blessing. Lolly carries this tradition on with her daughter and granddaughter. Even though they now live fair away in the big city, away from the little Michigan town, Lolly continues this tradition by sending it by mail.

Unexpectedly, Lauren, her granddaughter, convinces Arden to come away with her to visit her grandmother. Through the stories and wishes of the charms, Arden remembers her passion and also finds love that she never thought she'd find again. And Lauren learns that she must follow the passion she's been denying and also finds a way to pursue it.

As is often the case with novels of this type, the novel itself is largely predictable often to the point of absurdity. Still, the stories that accompany each charm are filled with emotion that may conjure the reader's own memories. Although it is nothing special, this light novel kept me entertained and made me smile.

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