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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Way of the Superior Man - David Deida

How can a man achieve a more fulfilling life? What actions can he take to have better relationships with women? Can he harness negative energies for creativity and success?

With eight chapters, Deida endeavors to answer these questions for the reader and lead the reader to finding his own way. Each chapter is broken into sections with concise information that spans two to three pages each. These small sections all contain advice on how to bring the intersection of the physical and spiritual realms in conjunction for the reader to become a more complete man.

Among the topics, he talks about daily life, work, sex, women, and dealing with negative emotions.

According the Deida, his book is not just for those in male bodies, but for those who find themselves associating more with the divine masculine. Overall, I liked the contents of the book. It strongly encourages the reader to take charge of himself, his emotions, and his actions. There were other parts I found a bit troubling, but are resolved in later chapters. In the first on Dealing with Women he basically says to dismiss and ignore what they say, but in later chapters he expands to state he means to look beneath her complaints for the underlying issue to use that time to focus on oneself.

I think this is a good basic book on getting started to rebuild ones character into a new format.

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