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Friday, December 30, 2016

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace - John O'Donohue

Every culture around the world holds beauty in a high regard and each person has a unique sense of what is beautiful in their own view. Why do humans feel the need for such lovely things? How and where do we find them?

O'Donohue explores beauty in its many guises of the human senses: music, movement, colors, and shapes. Of course, inspiration also comes in more abstract forms through imagination and attraction. And then there is the strange way we often find beauty in flaws. Even in death, O'Donohue sees worth.

Finally, he closes by exploring how God is found and communicates through beauty.

Like many of his other works, O'Donohue's writing is soft and ponderous. It's not the kind of book I could read straight-through, but a book I needed to digest in little bits to consider how I felt these concepts within my own mind and heart. This is a wonderful book if a reader is looking to find new life or God in the every day experience.

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