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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers - Jamie Sams

By following the lunar calendar, Sams is able to provide thirteen heartfelt lessons to her readers in the span of a year. Weighs the Truth, She Who Heals, and Gives Praise are but 3 of the thirteen Clan Mothers found within these pages and they are joined by a plethora of animals who offer their wisdom to the lessons in these campfire-esque tales.

Each chapter begins with a poem or prayer to the Clan Mother and then continues into a brief introduction explaining the lessons she brings. The author also includes the color for the moon, so readers can wear a splash of color to remind themselves of the lesson until the next moon. The full color photographs of the Medicine Shields and a handful of dolls Sams made for the Clan Mothers give the reader extra visualization for readers.

While I found the lessons within each chapter worthwhile, I found the writing lacking any subtlety. The chapters are only 20 pages long, so it seems that twice or even three times repeating an animal's wisdom/lesson is unnecessary. When zebra, an African animal, makes an appearance in chapter 3 I was jarred to reality, remembering that the author said in the introduction that her tradition is from North America. This led me to do a brief search and I found that the author is listed on multiple sites as a "fraud" or at the very least an exploiter, who is appropriating teachings from multiple First Nation tribes.

With the doubt of the validity of this material, I cannot recommend it for anybody who wants to learn authentic teachings. A seasoned reader of the inspirational genre is likely to find this book unsatisfying simply because of its lack of subtlety. However, for those who understand this is new age materials and prefer blatant lessons this would be a good choice.

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