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Friday, January 6, 2017

Angel and Demons - Dan Brown

Harvard professor Robert Langdon is world-reknowned for his research and knowledge of symbology, a quiet study that typically only comes to call during conversations about architecture and history. When he is called away to a Swiss research facility to help interpret a symbol burned into the skin of a man it is just the first step in a nightmare of events. A mad man with a vendetta against the Catholic Church has decided to strike when the church is at its most vulnerable, during the election of a new pope, and has also stolen a container of experimental matter that will explode if not contained properly.

With the help of the scientist Vittoria Vetra, Robert Langdon must stop this man from destroying the Holy Roman City.

The two main characters, Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, are both smart and keep the story going with their knowledge, but neither of them are particularly interesting personality-wise. With the time limit of the experimental matter and the threats of a madman this fast-paced thriller speeds along the plot. I looked forward to my drive every day while listening to this, so I highly recommend this novel.

Books in the Series:
The Da Vinci Code
The Lost Symbol

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