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Friday, February 3, 2017

Between Heaven and Mirth - James Martin

For many people religious practice is strict and serious. It is filled with quiet periods of meditation and prayer, study of scripture, and the hymns or songs sung in services.

James Martin, a Jesuit priest, is one of many who finds that both joy and humor are important aspects of both his daily life and his spiritual practice. Martin shows that these two aspects can be found even within the pages of the Bible, both in the Old Testament established by the Judaism and the New Testament that Christians added.

There is also a long-standing tradition of wit that can be found throughout the ages in Christianity. Quotes and stories found in the pieces of The Desert Fathers, the tales told and attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi, and in modern times where religious leaders tell anecdotes from their own lives. Martin even tells a few of his own.

I enjoyed giggling with familiar stories and laughing aloud at the experiences Martin shared in this piece. Those looking to add a little levity to their own practice will find this book a useful tool to finding their own balance in life.

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