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Friday, July 14, 2017

Into the Heart of the Feminine - Massimilla Harris, Bud Harris

Harris and Harris use their knowledge of Jungian symbolism and storytelling to encourage people to embrace the hardships in their past to build a new foundation and build a new person.

The book is written in four parts. Facing the Death Mother builds a foundation of understanding of Jungian analysis before moving on to how to do the work in A Healing Path with the myth of Medusa. By examining who Medusa is and how she came to be,
Harris presents a new understanding of Medusa that readers can use to reframe their own past experiences. Burning Clean explains how to confront shame, fear, and how mirroring the death mother within us will help us move forward. Finally, The Freedom to Come Home gives readers permission and encouragement to truly be themselves by finding their passions, speaking their truth, and making life new.

When this first arrived in the mail I was both confused and ecstatic! The package did not contain a letter and only contained a return address on the package. Once I remembered I had entered the giveaway for this book, I couldn't wait to read it.

Since I already have an understanding of Jungian analysis, I found Part I somewhat tedious, but it set an important groundwork for me to understand Harris and Harris's personal approach to the matter. Part II contains the actual work and immediately reminded me of Women Who Run with the Wolves with the way the authors reframe the story. Part III gets more specific as to what negative feelings can be approached this way and how to use it. Part IV is an invitation and map for authenticity, which provides closure to the book and encourages further work by the reader in their personal life.

I only have two gripes with the book. The amount of times Part I hints at the Medusa myth and tells readers the book will address it later is both tiresome and frustrating. It's supposed to be tantalizing, but it feels like it leaves too much unsaid. I would also liked to have seen more story examples of using negative tales for positive gain in order for the reader to get more in-depth understanding of how to use them.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for people who are looking to change their story. I look forward to reading more books by these authors.

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