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Friday, August 11, 2017

Hidden Warrior - Lynn Flewelling

When the magic spell keeping him in the wrong body is revealed to Tobin, he finds himself both relieved and isolated. His attraction to his friends suddenly makes sense and his lack of physical growth is no longer alarming. But in order to keep himself safe from the tyrant king who would kill him, he must keep his secret to himself.

After a particularly harrowing incident with his sponsor, Tobin is called back to the main city by orders of the king. There things get even more awkward as his friends start visiting brothels and insist he comes along. When he was sent away he was also somewhat sheltered from the events around the kingdom, now he's coming face-to-face with the reality of the failing kingdom with crops dying and disease runs rampant through the land.

If Tobin is to save the kingdom as the prophesy says, he will need to act soon.

When I started reading this second book in the trilogy, I remembered why I took such a long break between this and the first. Flewelling's writing plods along steadily, but sometimes it feels like nearly stagnant. Even so, the continued mystery and anticipation kept me going as I waited for Tobin and his companions to find the right time to reveal themselves and take back the kingdom that was wrongly taken from him. Tamir's appearance is painful and magical, breaking free from the shell she has been forced to live in her entire life.

I am excited to read the final novel in this series to find how Tamir handles her new power.

Books in the Series:
The Bone Doll's Twin
The Oracle's Queen

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