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Friday, September 1, 2017

Sonic The Hedgehog: Control

After continuing to fight against the Dark Gaia energy on his own, Sonic the Hedgehog finally reaches his Breaking Point and transforms to his werehog form in front of his friends. Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Squirrel convince Sonic to train under Moss the Sloth to learn to control his strength, so finally he can be Unleashed without harming his friends and allies.

When Sally sees a Chaos Emerald being moved, she knows she has to make a move so she doesn't risk it being secured in a better location. Unfortunately her doubts about the situation are founded when they are Ambushed.

To avoid interrupting a cohesive narrative, two secondary stories are moved to the end of the book, rather than in order of appearance in the series. In A Nice Day to Start Again Antoine and Bunnie help a newly wed couple and their entourage escape from a flood. And in The Grand
Tour Rotor shows the gang the improvements he's made to the Sky Patrol, their flying base.

I continue to enjoy this reboot with it's tie-ins to the video game series and its reimagining of the characters from the comic and cartoon series. The art is crisp and the colors are vibrant. The action is clearly illustrated and the dialogue occasionally has a few jokes or puns to give me a laugh snuck between the serious events.

Books in the Series:
Countdown to Chaos
The Chase
Waves of Change

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