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Friday, December 1, 2017

Power Rangers - Alexander Irvine

Jason was a star football player on the varsity team until he got caught pulling a prank on school grounds. Kimberly, a classic queen bee, is in trouble for punching somebody in the face. Thrill-seeking Zack bumps into Trini, a trouble maker herself, on one of his adventures. Then there's sweet and awkward Billy. Nobody's really sure how he got in detention.

Fate brings these five teens together and they suddenly find themselves at the center of a battle with an ancient evil who has just awakened. With the help of Alpha Five and Zordon, the teens must come together as a team to save earth. If they each can't awaken the power within them to awaken the ancient power of the Zords deep beneath the earth, their planet may be doomed.

The hit 90s TV series by the same name was campy and filled with the typical moral lessons expected of the time. This movie novelization is a far-cry from the original. Where in the original the teens were good role models for the target audience of kids, this new version shows troubled kids who must each overcome their own issues: performance pressure, peer pressure, belonging, carelessness, and familial obligation. Although much grittier in nature, the book still has moments of corny humor hearkening back to its predecessor.

I found myself rolling my eyes at many moments, but also smiling in fond memory. This novelization is nothing special, but it is fun to read.

Saban's Power Rangers 2017

Original Series:
Might Morphin' Power Rangers - The Complete Series

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