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Friday, January 12, 2018

108 Names of Hanuman - Vijaya Kumar

Like many beloved deities Hanuman, the monkey god in Hinduism, is known by many different names by his followers. This book collects the 108 names of Hanuman in a simple and accessible format. Each entry is numbered for convenience with a romanized version of the name, followed by the sanskrit version directly beneath, below that is the meaning of his name, and finally a short entry of how this name came to be with the inclusion of a brief story of how it came to be.
When visiting a friend in Utah many years ago, we decided to visit the Radha Krishna Temple. It was beautiful both inside and out and I was inspired by the calm I felt while on the grounds. While inside the temple, the dioramas that contained Hanuman caught my interest and I decided to learn a bit more about him. This book was a simple way to get a bit more familiar with this deity while I read more in-depth material.

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