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Monday, February 26, 2018

ShadowFighteR I - Nostalgia Edition - Jen Archer

Erin Allen was just a normal high school student until the day a poster goes up in flames from her thoughts. Her newfound powers plunge her straight into a war that has been raging between good and evil since the beginning of time. Her connection to the ancient power that so few possess makes her a precious commodity to both sides. With those powers come memories from another time that will help her in making her decision for this life. Will she choose a life of fame and fortune promised by the Shadow or a uncertain fate of friendship that the Light offers? Either way dire consequences are sure to threaten herself and those she loves.

This story was originally conceived by the author during her teens and written for both herself and her friends to enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed this the first time through back in the 90s. Rereading this as an adult I found myself giggling at the dramatic dialogue, but also touched by the emotional trauma the Erin and her friends must endure with their fight against the opposing side. Those who still enjoy the 90s version of Sailor Moon will find kinship in this story of good versus evil, filled with destined love, elemental powers, and even time travel.

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