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Friday, February 9, 2018

Warrior Goddess Training Companion - HeatherAsh Amara

In the Warrior Goddess series, Amara hopes to challenge each individual woman's own views on the world and question where those ideas and ideals come from and whether or not they truly fit her as the unique woman she is.

This companion book to the first in the series provides extra exercises, both written and active, for readers to enhance their experience of the first book. It also works well as a stand-alone workbook. Each chapter contains a summary of the chapter in the primary book, followed by exercises and space to record thoughts and experiences from these exercises, and Additional Gifts which provides insights to continue living the revelations from the exercises. At the end of the book is a Questions and Answers section containing commonly asked questions with Amara's answers.

The topics women will find themselves exploring are body, mind, sexuality, and heart. She addresses the person as a whole, recognizing that there are many parts that make up our whole. For those who enjoyed the original book I would recommend this and for those who want a more interactive and in-depth experience with this series.

Books in the Series:
Warrior Goddess Training
Warrior Goddess Meditations
Warrior Goddess Way

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