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Monday, February 5, 2018

Warrior Goddess Training - HeatherAsh Amara

After going through her divorce, Amara found herself lost, unable to remember who she was without her partner. Through both introspection and action, she learned how to be herself both inside and out.

With this book containing 10 chapters, Amara hopes to help others who may be in a similar position or even those who just want to become more in tune with themselves. Each chapter contains personal experience from herself or from others she has encountered through life or in her workshops, written exercises, and active exercises.

Through reading and these exercises, the reader will challenge ideas and ideals she's learned from others, familial, cultural, religious, and societal, as well as her own. Learning where her thoughts and feelings originate can sometimes help people change those same things in their lives. The topics include attitudes about ones body,
sexuality, heart, and mind.

When I heard a book club nearby me was reading this book I jumped on the chance to experience it again, but this time in a group setting. Perhaps the most interesting part of reading this a second time was seeing how far I've come. I wished I could find my notes from the first time I read it to have a solid comparison. Going every other week to share my own experiences and listen with others gave me even more to consider. It helped me see myself more clearly in the past, present, and possibly in the future. I will continue to recommend this book for women to learn more about themselves.

Books in the Series:
Warrior Goddess Training Companion Book
Warrior Goddess Meditations
Warrior Goddess Way

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