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Monday, May 14, 2018

City of Stairs - Robert Jackson Bennett

After hearing of the death of her former mentor in the foreign land of Bulikov, Shara Thivani insists that she is allowed to investigate what she believes is his murder. The strange city once rumored to be filled with the powers of gods is now just ruins of what it once was. The landscape is surreal with staircases leading to nowhere and the leaders of this land are just as mysterious.

Despite her seeming innocence, few of the people who knew her colleague are willing to speak with her, impeding her investigation.
When she finally does make headway, she finds herself combating political intrigue and local custom. Despite the help of her loyal companion Sigrud, if she's not careful she could not only lose her life, but also her soul in this strange city full of danger, mystery, and wonder.

Although it took me a little while to warm up the main character, Shara, I was easily carried away by the world Bennett created. Filled with traditions, mores, and folklore that impeded Shara's investigation as a visitor from a foreign power I felt immersed in the environment. Even as Shara pieced everything together more intrigue awaited her on the journey. I look forward to reading further installments of this series.

Books in the Series:
City of Blades
City of Miracles

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