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Friday, May 18, 2018

The Sacred Heart of Jesus - Saint John Eudes

Saint John Eudes felt such fervor in the burning passion in the Sacred Heart of Jesus that he wrote to bring others closer, as well. The first portion is a series of chapters where he talks about the various aspects of the Sacred Heart, such as Jesus's love for His Heavenly father, His earthly mother, and for the people on earth (us). Following this are several meditations for readers to use to bring themselves closer to Jesus's love, in both mind and deed. It also includes a Mass and Office of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that includes the Latin beside an English translation. The final portion of this piece contains a series of prayers that can be used to bring ones heart closer to Jesus and His purpose.

The writings in this book are sometimes soft and loving, while others are hard and disciplined. In order to gain full benefits from this book, I'd advise readers to read only one chapter a day to give the mind and heart time to digest the ideas. In this book readers will strengthen their
relationship with Jesus and find their own way to make their heart more like that of the Heart of Jesus.

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