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Monday, June 4, 2018

Hogfather - Terry Pratchett

When the Hogfather, Discworld's Santa Claus, goes missing, somebody else needs to fill his shoes to keep the children happy. The unlikely Death decides to try his hand and inadvertently causes mayhem with his attempts at making the children of the world happy. Meanwhile his daughter, Susan Sto Helit, and a group of Wizards try to seek out Hogfather before the antics get out of control.

With his usual wit and humor, Pratchett takes readers on a wild ride through Discworld while exploring many existential questions. While I'm not a fan of Pratchett's writing style I always enjoy his world building, the creative characters, the twists of plots, and the philosophical questions.

Movie Version:

Discworld Novels featuring Death:
Reaper Man
Soul Music

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