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Friday, June 8, 2018

Southern Nevada Birds - Carolyn Kitchel Titus

I've been living in Nevada for several years now and I figured it was about time I start making myself feel more at home by making a conscientious effort of learning more about the landscape and wildlife of my immediate area.

This handy field guide talks all about the common birds in the area and where to find them. It graciously provides directions to common birdwatching locations and also has wonderful visual charts of which area the different species congregate to make it easier to find them. This old style book only has sketches of birds, rather than photographs, which makes it somewhat difficult for somebody who is just starting out like me, but that's easily remedied with a quick visit on the internet.

This pamphlet was released in 1993 and has
not had an update since then; however, there are now plenty of other guides available to supplement this piece. And the Red Rock Audubon Society, who originally published this work, also has its own website now to help birdwatchers find what they are looking for. I'd recommend this book for its small size and short length, making it an easy guide to bring along on ones person during the journey.

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