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Monday, June 11, 2018

The Women's Wheel of Life - Elizabeth Davis

This fascinating piece details the thirteen archetypes the author believes a woman goes through. Except for the Transformer that stands alone, each archetype is paired with a complementary one: The Daughter & the Amazon, the Maiden & the Matriarch, the Blood Sister & the Priestess, the Lover & the Sorceress, the Mother & the Crone, the Midwife & the Dark Mother.

I loved how the author explains each of the archetypes themselves. She does a fabulous job of explaining what they mean and what they do with accompanying examples of her own and from those she knows, making them easy to relate. I also enjoyed the inclusion of rituals throughout the book and the examples of these archetypes in different cultures.

There's an inconsistency in associations between the archetypes and things like Holy Days, Tarot cards, and moon phases. Some like the Dark Mother have no
associations according to the author's information, while others have all, such as the Midwife. I also noted that while there are 13 moons in the year and the author created 13 archetypes, she did not choose to associate any in this way.

While I enjoyed reading this author's ideas and how she expands on the typical three to four archetypes I typically see in most systems: Maiden, Mother, (Queen), Crone. I found that the inconsistency of associations between the archetypes may make them difficult to employ in ones personal practice, but I think it's great to expand on the ideas of women's archetypes.

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